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GUILTY UPDATE      09 /24/2019

To all the Daw victims and people who have been cheated ,threatened,experienced his fraud scheme. He was convicted on 3 counts in Lenoir county today .He was taken off to jail. Our lives may not be the same but we can know some justice was served today. More to come .

Please step up and share your storiesDo not be a victim to criminals and say nothing or do nothing.

Following is the Judge’s sentence for Mr. Daw:

Defendant is guilty of three Class H Felonies. He is to serve a minimum of 7 months and a maximum of 18 months in the NC Department of Corrections. These sentences are consecutive (meaning each are separate). He is to pay restitution to each of the victims when on probation (after active sentence). He was placed in custody after sentencing was complete.

Defendant gave notice of appeal.

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We need to stop these type of contractors from scamming other people. Help change the laws in NC.

Phillip Daw Clinton NC Phil Daw Clinton NC Daw Construction in North Carolina

People he has ripped off that have contacted us count

Dozens more Fraud victims


We have heard from 3 other victims in only 1 day of running this page and our Facebook .How many more are out there?

Contact us on facebook if you were a victim


You want your story heard? He has stolen your money so at least stop him from ripping someone else off.

Lock him up


This guy should be an example of the New NC laws we need to prosecute them for jail time and stop contractors just ripping people off with no repercussion.

About the Con Man and his tactics


Phillip DAW Fraud artist and thief

He says a lot and does nothing -He is a  contractor going from deposit to deposit and orders no materials and then builds nothing once he has your 60% dep he ask for down. Don't be another one of his victims.


Daw construction pole building you will probably never actually get built

He throws a bid to get your money and then never comes back to build anything . He just brags about equipment that he doesn't actually have or own. 


The story of 3 clients he ripped off are below & More to come

 Phillip Daw & Daw construction were hired Nov 8th, 2017  to build a building for a client. Phillip Daw and his Brother aggressively pursued a 60% deposit of the $75,000 project based on the building being a  $40,000 kit and getting it completed by January 15th . They received a $45,000 deposit and after clearing the lot they requested a $5,000 draw and it was given in good faith. But after that they did nothing in the month of December. They were approached about how important the time line was for the building and if they could not complete it then refund the 45k for building kit and the client would find another builder no harm no foul. Phillip questioned that discussion with the client saying, "What do you think I dont have the money ?"  How could you think that he has no money or has spent it so he said.January they didnt even have a building permit . It was excuses after excuses. So after Phillip promised he would have it done by the end of February there still was not a stick in the ground. On top of that he had taken down fences/damaged a building/and other property . So an attorney was hired to get it handled because it seemed that it wouldn't get built. Now March 6th, 2018  Phillip was served with letter from the attorney stating legal facts and the next steps the client would take. Phillip promised to refund the money at the end of the month and all would be settled. Guess What Phillip did on March 29th ? You guessed it he said he wasnt paying it and he would just file bankruptcy to get around the lawsuit. Why would an honest contractor not just refund the money or even just deliver the building kit?  You guessed it . He has spent the money and does not have it . Broke as a joke and just ripping off some other hard working guy who just wanted to build a shop behind his house. The difference is the guy he ripped off has built a great reputation helping others and is a really stand up guy . So we are helping him with this story and making sure to STOPDAWCONSTRUCTION  from ripping off any other hard working folks .We hope the  state of North Carolina can prosecute Mr. Phillip Daw for fraud and make an example for other shady contractors.Please share our story to stop any one you know from getting scammed by this guy . 

03/30/2018 We have now heard from 3 other people in less then 24 hours and will be getting their stories out as well.


Clients Testimonials who where Victims

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Victim 3 and their story